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Warsword Conquest: Original Soundtrack (Video Game)


Javi Robles, an outstanding musical creator from the deserts of Southern Spain, fuses tradition and modernity in his unique music that combines rock with symphonic elements and native sonorities. As a child, he demonstrated an innate talent and expanded his skills by playing several instruments and immersing himself in musical composition and production.

During his history studies in college, Javi immersed himself even more in music, participating in various groups as a composer and performer, awakening his passion for creating original music. His versatility spans genres from metal to flamenco, and he has excelled on international stages such as the metal music festival “Euroblast” in Cologne, Germany, and the Peña Flamenca “El Morato” in Almeria, Spain.

With a wide experience, Javi has collaborated in projects for video games like “Warsword Conquest” or “The Old Realms”, short films like “Löyly” or “Desencuentros”, advertising with “PHMG” and sporting events. He has worked with leading figures in musical composition, such as Pedro Osuna, Han Beyli, Alex Pfeffer, Mathieu “Faco” Lachenal, Jesús Alarcón and Víctor Herrera.

Javi Robles is not only a passionate music creator, but also holds a degree in Music History and Science from the University of Granada and a Mixing Technician certification from Steinberg. His dedication to constant learning and his appreciation for the continuous evolution of his craft are evident in every project.

Currently, Javi works as a Composer, Music Producer and Sound Engineer for the prestigious company Transported Audio. He continues to compose, produce music and design sound effects for audiovisual media, including trailers, short films and video games. His contribution to the music and audiovisual industry is unquestionable, and his commitment to professional excellence is constant.

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Javi Robles · Composer / Music Producer

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